Our valves range stretches from 8mm to 900 mm. Our journey traces a similar arc

In 1988, we started out as UTAM, manufacturing only copper and bronze valves. Our product range was relatively smaller when compared to market standards. With every passing year, boundaries were blurred. 1994 was a big year for us, as we diversified our business into ferrous and non-ferrous valves, manufactured for numerous domestic and industrial applications.

By 2003, we were on par with the industry as far as our product range was concerned with the inception of our brand ‘VTM’ that was specifically introduced to meet the market demand for Butterfly, Ball and Gate Valves. In 2007, we diversified our business further by entering into the Flow Metering segment through our brand ‘Fedrel’. This natural progression was effected whilst staying true to our promise of reliable product quality at affordable prices.

As of today, VTM-UTAM manufactures an exhaustive range of Valves and Flow Metering products to serve a customer base of over 200 across industries and spread across both Indian and the International markets.