Commitment to Quality

Customer satisfaction is what drives us at VTM-UTAM. And we know that complete customer satisfaction can only be achieved by adopting a no-compromise approach towards quality.

Hence, we take special care to ensure that our products and manufacturing processes comply with the highest standards of production and relevant specifications. At, every stage of manufacturing, we bear the following principles in mind.

Quality Assurance: VTM-UTAM Valves and Flow Meters are produced using processes and procedures that comply with ISO 9001 and API Spec Q1 standards. At every step, from Procurement of raw materials through to Production, Welding, Assembling, Testing, Packaging and Marking of the finished valves, we check for compliance with these set standards. All orders are reviewed by the Engineering and Q.A. departments and all special requirements are incorporated in the Work Order issued for each order. The Q.A. department also maintains calibration and gauge control system and trains and qualifies skilled workers to achieve quality workmanship. Copy of these records can be provided on request.

Quality Control: The Quality Control department is responsible for all the aspects of quality from receiving of Raw Materials to Control of Machining, Welding, Testing, Nondestructive Examination, Assembly, Pressure Testing, Cleaning, Painting, and Packaging.

Pressure Testing: Each Valve is pressure tested in accordance with relevant standards or customer requirements as applicable.